Hydroponic Sound System

Hydroponic Sound System is the Dallas-based Hip-hop collective whose version of dusted, musical hip-hop can best be described as global soul. Combining a myriad of elements into one coherent and deep sound, producers Skinny Fresh and Rube collaborate with multiple MC's and musicians to create music that taps into diverse influences ranging from Kraftwerk to dub to Afro-beat to dancefloor jazz to late 80s NY rap.

Hydroponic Sound System released their debut CD Routine Insanity in November of 2000 and the underground press took notice as it racked up great reviews in Urb, CMJ, and XLR8R (which compared it to 3 Feet High and Rising and It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back) and made year-end Top 10 lists in the Dallas Morning News and Village Voice. They've appeared on numerous Bomb compilations and have played with diverse acts ranging from Snoop Dogg to Anti-Pop Consortium. Hydro is also part of the Central Standards collective (which includes Rehash amongst others), which is responsible for the Southern Soul Construction series and A Strange Melodic Shape.

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