Artist: Domu
Title: This is House EP
Cat No: SB018
Release date: OUT NOW!
Format: 12" vinyl - digital download a bit later on...



Yes, Yes, Yes!!! A hot, hot, hot 3- tracker from Domu. Original quality underground housemusic all the way! A heavy package of kick, bass and atmospheres with a whole lot of finesse. Raw Baby and Dusk is the perfect toy when it comes to primetime business (and we are talking serious deep bass). And you will definitely get ghostbumps all over when you tune into the mellow, but still moving, groover Understand Why. Beautiful strings, synths and hooks. A summer anthem witch will fit your set like a screwdriver into the lock of a car! 

More on Domu…

Dominic Stanton is the real name behind many of dance music’s most mysterious pseudonyms: First there is Sonar Circle, avant garde Drum and Bass outfit signed to the legendary Reinforced Records. Then Domu, his main guise, designed to further the explorations of the syncopated rhythm, remixing and appearing on many labels such as 2000 Black, Archive, Ninja Tune, Sonar Kollektiv, Compost, Rush Hour, Especial, Bitasweet, Schtum among others. Umod, the backwards glitchy Hip Hop kid, all nerdy and introverted, has had one album and a few remixes on Sonar Kollektiv, Jazzanova’s imprint. Then the collaborations: Bakura with Robert Marin on Especial Records Japan, a boogie – Brazilian fusion, culminating with the Reach The Sky, their first LP released 2005. Alongside Archive and Neroli head honcho Volcov, Rima – with an album that dropped on Compost Records in 2003, with much sought after artwork by Dutch uber-cool designer Delta. And Finally, Yotoko, the experimental Techno outfit, formed with web designer and long time friend, Shiftee a.k.a Dave Farlom. The Dutch label Delsin was home to the LP Wet Ink from 2004.

Domu has also been DJ’ing since 1998 touring worldwide in Japan, Australia, Russia, USA throughout Europe and most of Scandinavia playing on the international circuit. Among these have been tours and one offs with many of his musical heroes and contemporise:  4Hero, Bugz in the Attic, Jazzanova, I G Culture, Phil Asher, Rainer Truby, Chateux Flight, Kaidi Tatham, Gilles Peterson, Theo Parrish, Photek, Patrick Forge, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Jazztronik, DJ Sunshine, Nu-Spirit Helsinki, Swell Session, Titonton, John Tejada, A Few Among Others, Ayro, Eddy meets Yannah, Rednose Distrikt the list goes on. Domu is also resident at the world renowned 8yr old GPWW award winning CO-OP club night in London, Miami & Worldwide



"Domu at his best... funky bass, lovely gimmicks, funky tunes all around! Full support... Yes I do Understand Why I like music!!!" - Laurent Garnier

"Nice ep from Mr Stanton!"

"Love Raw Baby, proper Discotech shit! Will play it and support it!"
- Volcov - isoul8 (Neroli)

- Dj Deep

"Quality stuff from Domu as ever... thnx!"
- Charles Webster (Miso Records)

"Feelin the release. Understand Why is charted and will be rocked on the regular. Dope like only Domu can do!"
- Titonton Duvante

LOVING the new Domu! Such a sick sick bassline on Raw Baby. He's not fucking kidding.
- Todd Sines (Planet E)

"Like this! Raw Baby is my pick here. Will play this."
- Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dormeister)

"Yes yes like this, knorke tunes, like Understand Why most but the others great too. Full support. Will play one tune at radio tommorrow..."
- Michael Reinboth (Compost Records)

"Raw Baby is fat! I'll play it for sure and it will rock the dancefloor! Thanks."
- DJ Cyril K

"DOMU is da fckin man, I've been riiiiiiiiinsin Raw Baby in all my recent sets, another ill tune and a solid EP in my opinion! Really hope it does well as it deserves it & its on a good label too! Charting and playin of course. Full respect!!!"
- Dj Simbad  

"Thanks. Love this!!!"
- Dirk Rumpff (Offtrack Radio)

Look forward to playing these out!
- Kev Beadle

Wicked EP. Domu continues to work his magic! Feeling the Understand Why mix the most, love the vocal samples and synths, beautiful track. Many thanks.
- Gareth Stephens (Askew Recordings)

PROPER house music!! Full support from me.
- Dom Servini

Always been a fan of Domu, wicked to see him on a more house tip, will be rocking these at the weekend for sure!
- Trevor Loveys (Loungin Records)

"Great tracks. Great to hear Dom in house mode and the results are superb... Going to hammer this out and about!"
- PADDY FREEFORM (Universal Vibes)

"All 3 tracks are heat. Adding these to my sets asap."
- Jojoflores (Gotsoul Records)

"Top quality house from the man who does it like no other."
- Glyn Bush (Bigga Bush)

"Superb ep! Every track has a great feel and creates the a great vibe. Really cool stuff! Will play all the tracks. I think my favourite is Dusk but all tracks are really good. Thank you so much for this. Cant wait for the vinyl! (10/10)"
- Willie Graff

"DOMU for the dancefloor. Yeah!!!"
- Senor Lobo (Lovemonk)

I DO get the ghostbumpz with this.... Domu ALWAYS delivers... he's my ma in man in Bedford that's for sure. And why do you ask+ Because anytime he opens the lid to his pandoras box of musix we get to hear stuff we never heard before.... Understand why? I don't need to. i just need to listen and dance in my living room. By the way.... how much bass do you need at Dusk? Domu says: a LOT! Love the house vocals too.
- Andreas Saag aka Swellsession

Domu has never made a duff track, I like Dusk best but will play all 3.
- Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity Records)


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