Artist: Andre Zimma
Title: M.U.S.I.C. - The Atjazz Remixes  

Cat No: SB015
Release date: OUT NOW!
Format: 12" Vinyl & digital download


The legendary producer, Dj and recordlabelowner Atjazz (Mantis Recordings) gives us two killer-remixes of Andre Zimma's broken beat afro-inspired track M.U.S.I.C. Atjazz, with his magic touch, turns this track into strictly NYC pressure. Played and charted by people like Gilles Peterson, Onsulade (which directly requested the track for his compilation Passage on BBE), Karizma and Opolopo to name a few.

On the flipside Atjazz delivers his stunning dub-mix, that carries a stripped smoking package of deep bass and dubby chords. So just drop the needle for a second, and you find that both cuts are essential dancefloor material with the purpose of making the crowd groove and move! 



"An instant classic!!!"
- Osunlade

"Enjoying both mixes."
- Dixon
- Alex Attias
"I'm feeling the Atjazz remix and Dub. Great release.
Atjazz is always on point."
- Dj Jojoflores (Gotsoul Records)
"Yeah top tunes, like it, def will play Atjazz remix, full support!"
- Michael Reinboth (Compost Recordings)
"I used to play the original version of this a lot and Atjazz have definitely given it a new lease of life with these mixes." - Kevin Beadle
"Yeeeeeeees!!! WAOW its finally comin out!!! Have been privilaged to get that last year, been playin it a LOT & its dfntly one of my favourite Atjazz Remix, deep house wid class & propa electronic soul 4 da dancefloor... BIG UP. Will re-chart!" - Simbad
"I like the dub side a lot... Groovy and atmospheric."
- Raresh
"Nice release… will test it this weekend in the club."
- Nick Curly
"Warm jazzy stuff, cool release!"
- 2000 and One

"Thanks!!! The Atjazz Floor Dub is my jam. This will be getting charted and played like crazy. Love the percussion in this mix!" - Titonton Duvante

"Lovin' this, Atjazz is a ever inspiration for me!"
- Agnès
"Yeah, AtJazz at his best, can't wait to play that on heavy sound system ! Like and play both mixes!" - Cyril K
"Oh yes... oldschool vibe sounding very fresh for 2009. Atjazz shows again his abilitiy for the right balance of deepness and kicking club action!" - Michael Ruetten
"Atjazz comes once again with some nasty dance floor mixes! I wish we heard more of this kind of quality in our music market! Amazing record and cant wait to play it!" - Jamie Thinnes (Seasons Recordings)
"Nasty! like it... will def play on the radio show..." 
- Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity Records)
"D-train!!! Killer!!!!"
- SoulPhiction (Philpot Records)
Mit einem superben Mix des Atjazz Duos setzt sich Slope-Mann Andre Zimma ganz weit an die erweiterte Spitze der Housescheiben in diesem Monat. Dubbige Deepness schafft eine unvergleichliche Clubmosphäre und hält die Tänzer bei gleichmässiger Rhythmik bei Laune. Der "Floor Dub", ebenfalls von Atjazz kommt reduzierter und mit Broken Beats nicht ganz so harmonisch, dennoch gut. 5/6 - Carsten Becker
Andre Zimmers "M.U.S.I.C." auf Swedish Brandy hat schon so manches Dj-set eröffnet und damit gleich alles klar gemacht. Langes Intro, Stakkatoakkorde und "Em-ju-ess-ai-ssieeh" als Befehlsruf stimmen ein, bis der Beat zuschlägt und einem den Boden unter den Fussen wegzieht. Funktioniert jedes Mal-versprochen.


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Posted by: larsberger

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