Artist: Partners In Crime
Title: Goin' Underground b/w Get In To It  

Cat No: SB017
Release date: OUT NOW!
Format: 12" Vinyl & digital download


This is the first release from Partners In Crime (aka Beatfanatic), which is a new swedish 80´s electronic disco project. Goin Underground is a fierce peaktime disco groover with cosmic styled synths, pumping beat and catchy bassline, very much in the flavour of Giorgo Moroder. On the flipside you will find Get In To It which is a slick, sensual, and balearic mid-tempo groover.

Beatfanatic is a one of Stockholms most productive producers, well known for his many productions for labels such as GAMM, Raw Fusion and as well his own imprint Sound Scape Records, to name few…



"WICKED!!!!!!!!! Love it! Straight in da box!
- Jerome Derradji (Still Music)

"Excellent cosmic EP! The Underwater sample rework is awesome and the slow track is beautiful. Full support!"
- Alex from Tokyo

"Get In To It is really my cup of tea... Thanks for that!"
- Rainer Trueby

"Nice edit, beats and synths. All good!"
- Emperor Machine

"Wwwwwwoooowwww!!! No comments, just amazing!"
- Los Charlys Orchestra

"Really dig this, send it over!"
- Lee Douglas (Rong Music)

"I'm crazy about that Get In To It track! That sounds so dope!"
- Blackjoy (Yellow Productions)

"Get in to it- is nice 80's style groover."
- Charles Webster (Miso Records)

"Really like Goin' Underground but if it would have been much slower it would be sexier IMO. Still a very well performed build up and I imagine it works great on a dancefloor! Quality release!"
- Andreas Saag aka Swellsession

"Get In To It is my fave here, I'm a sucker for those slow grooooves!"
- Simon Harrison (Basic Soul)

"A tasty 3 tracker ep; Goin' Underground, as it says on the tin, deep and spacey disco, groovy b- line and the additional of strings and electro stabs..- 6/10. Get in to it - slowmo spacey disco, defo a mellowed out groove with the haunting male vox. This is made for those lazy sunny afternoons... Feelin' this tune 7/10. Goin' Underground (PIC edit) - this edit gets beefed up beats, still retains the spacey disco effects and is defo a dancefloor groover... Lovin' the extra horns and strings... look forward to the release on vinyl."
- Nick the Greek

"Get In To It is my shit!!!"
- Still Rob G (Om Records)

"Quality!!!!! Get In To It is killing me. Will find a rightous place also to play Goin' Underground. Wonderful release, guys!"
- Alan Brown

Goin' Underground - not typical track for my dj set... but i can imagine myself playing it on a bigger floor or festival... I know that I will make lot of people happy by playing this track... pure fun... I think it's a big tune for this kind of music. Get In To It- will play it on radio... nice vibe!
- Eddy Ramich (Eddy meets Yannah)

"I like the summery vibes of Get In To It - we'll play this on the radio show - thanks."
- Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity Records)

"Get in to it has a very specia feeling. It will be perfect for our beach parties in Ibiza. You guys are one of my favorite new labels. I'm still playing Domu's mix from the release before. Thank you!!!"
- Willie Graff

"Some deep future 80's vibes here... Nice!"
- T Roy (Broadcite)

"Goin' Underground sounds sweet, peak time tune!"
- Alf Tumble (Heya Hifi)

"Partners in Crime brings that get into it edit twhich akes me back to a time where music was authentic, wicked edit jammy." - Jay Scarlett

"Thanks. Surely dig this!" - Dirk Rumpff

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Posted by: larsberger

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