Artist: Ponty Mython
Title: I Wish EP  

Cat No: SB030
Release date: OUT NOW!
Format: 12" Vinyl & digital download later on...



Aleksandr Pletnev aka Ponty Mython is now a Vilnius based producer and dj with a bunch of releases on such labels like Tusk Wax, No More Hits, Dirt Crew, Quintessentials and many more. His sound is about house groove grown on lo-fi samples and analog bass lines. In 2013 Aleksandr was a participant of RMBA Bass Camp in St Petersburg. For a few recent years he has been gathering Russian artists under the roof called Beats Delivery - a record label and parties around the whole Russia. From time to time Aleksandr comes with live performances using a full table of analog toys but more often, almost for ten years, he has been dj-ing.



Category: Releases
Posted by: larsberger

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