Artist: Young David
Title: Fuerte (Disco Dub)/ Offshore Pt. 2 (Xtra Perc Dub)

Cat No: SB023 
Release date: OUT NOW!
Format: 12" Vinyl & digital download later on...


We are proud to present Young David's new single Fuerte (Disco Dub) b/w Offshore Pt. 2 (Xtra Perc Dub). The stunning track Fuerte is definatley a winner! Fierce and deep dub disco business with moving bass, excellent string arrangement, great chord progressions and piano hooks. 

On the B side you will find Offshore Pt. 2 (Xtra Perc Dub). A sure shot no doubt. Atmospheric space disco with sweet synths and guitar. A slightly more chilled cut with wonderful instrumentation and vibe, packed with percussion, spring and delay effects to set you in the right mood.

A great start for Young David on Swedish Brandy as it's nothing but pure quality all the way that could appeal to the retro DJ's as well. Warm and analogue sounding, this loud-pressed 45 rpm 12” sounds great.

David Young aka Young David originally from Birmingham has previously been producing disco and deep house for labels such as Exceptional Records, Audio Therapy, Further Out Recordings and Universal Vibes. David is currently working on a full length album for Swedish Brandy that will be released later this year.

"Jaunty, warm disco business. Want 5am cosmic strings, piano stabs, Moog fx and some understated boogie? You got it." -Dj Magazine

"What I imagine the world would sound like if you were reincarnated as a goldfish in a particulary groovy bowl." - IDJ  



Category: Releases
Posted by: larsberger

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