Artist: BitterSuite
Title: BitterSuite Archives Vol. 2
Cat No: SBDIG003
Release date: OUT NOW!
Format: Digital download



Swedish Brandy Productions is proud to present BitterSuite Archives Vol 2. A massive deep house compilation with the highlights from the BitterSuite crew. BitterSuite are collective trio of producers, Jon Gray, Dom Thompson and Matt Pond. Originally formed by Jon and Dom, hailing from the west country they moved to Brighton and started making deep house music, inspired by the heady days of west country raves, free parties and the mid 90's deep house sound. Matt, also from the west country and moved to Brighton, joined Dom and Jon a few years later. They then set about learning the skills, with many collaborations and remixes with the house heads BRS and The Rurals.


Category: Releases
Posted by: larsberger

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