Artist: BitterSuite
Title: BitterSuite Archives Vol. 1
Cat No: SBDIG002
Release date: OUT NOW!
Format: Digital download



Swedish Brandy Productions is proud to present BitterSuite Archives Vol 1. A massive deep house compilation with the highlights from the BitterSuite crew. BitterSuite are collective trio of producers, Jon Gray, Dom Thompson and Matt Pond. Originally formed by Jon and Dom, hailing from the west country they moved to Brighton and started making deep house music, inspired by the heady days of west country raves, free parties and the mid 90's deep house sound. Matt, also from the west country and moved to Brighton, joined Dom and Jon a few years later. They then set about learning the skills, with many collaborations and remixes with the house heads BRS and The Rurals. 



Beautiful tunes, you guys will be well represented.
- Alton Miller

Really exciting and consistently brilliant material from Bittersuite and the Deepsystems chaps. Just Glide has been in the bag for a long while now on heavy rotation and I know there's some absolute dancefloor weapons (i.e. Dancetrack) about to land. Keeping Britain at the forefront of deep house. - Alex Traska (Myhouse-Yourhouse Entertainment)

Lots of great stuff for me: Will present on the radio and play out!
- Laurent Garnier

Yeah, some very nice moody house tunes here, overall a good pace, feel... - Michael Reinboth (Compost)

Really Nice tracks guys, really diggin this stuff, love Visions. Keep up the great work keep em coming! Will get some air play for sure! - James Canning

Overall fantastic package of deep house music!
- DJ Linus (Pacha-Exun-Gigolo)

Lovely ................... sunday morning music to fly to!

Great quality sound... Rurals mixes are the bizz nizz!!!
- Murray Richardson

Great DeepHouse Banger! Late Nite!! Reel rite!!
- DJ Norm Talley

Love all the mixes! big fan of Bit tersuite from the start. Love all the mixes, but I am fond of the Visions mix all of the songs will be in heavy rotation! - Mikez (Balance Alliance, Revival Recordings, Finale Recordings)

Great deep grooves. Very nice.
- Tedd Patterson

Brilliant vibes! Full support!
- Enrique Domenech (Ibiza Sonica Radio)

Deep and sexy!
- Opolopo

Beautiful projekt! Proper deephouse sound with an attitude. Strong support by the deephousemafia guaranteed!
- Meierlansky (DeepHouse Maffia)

Dope compilation, nice and deep... Highlights for me are Visions, Set it out, Pause & Cross Talk to name a few... - Dave Hernandez

This is PURE deep house at it's best... Love all the tracks!!! WILL SUPPORT FOR SURE! - Vinny Da Vinci

Lovely sounds and vibe. Great collection.
- Shane Johnson

Very classy collection of tracks that just ooze quality. Almost impossible to pick a favourite & many will get plays in upcoming sets. Excellent! - Ian Allan

Good Stuff! - Daniel Paul (Slope)

I love this album! Set It Out really gets me high! its an spiritual feeling, great keys, percussion, a bit oldschool prescription style, wow, one of the best releases I got this year without any doubt, full support! - Kiko Navarro

Great house thats deeper than a deep pan pizza... Love it!
- Mr Science

That's shit how I like it... Heat!!!
- Frank Jensen (Soulparlor)

All and all a superb compilation. Trk 1, 4 and 5 being the favs.
- Håkan Lidbo

Loving what I hear here, my kinda deep house business. A track will def. feature on next week's show, Thanks!!!
- Simon Harrison

Wow... That's what I call deep atmospheric and quality music... I can't wait to play it this weekend on the roof top of the best outdoor venue in Dubai... Quality music for Qualiy people... Peace!
- Pierre Ravan

Definitely the kind of house I can play!
- Kev Beadle

Such a great feel good deep house music compilation! I'm digging especially the first half. Thanks!
- Alex from Tokyo (Innervisions)

Great collection of deep songs. Set it out was one of my favourites a few years ago. Can't wait to hear the rest of the songs. They all sound nice!!! Thanks for the music! Will be playing some for sure. Thank you for the music!
 - Willie Graff



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